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I am a life coach who works with women who want to make BIG SHIFTS in order to live their everyday lives according to their values. For some women, this looks like building community across race and class difference, in order to raise their children with strong anti-racist values. For some women, this looks like deepening their relationships with their children, in order to live expansive, adventurous, meaningful lives together. For some women, this looks like rejecting long-term partnership to a man, and embracing less conventional ways (and often more rewarding!) ways of enjoying womanhood. For some women, this looks like doing the deep-dive work to enjoy incredible romantic relationships and friendships across divides of race, class, religion, etc. And for some women, this looks like none of the above. It might look like something “smaller,” something more “basic”—but no less essential, and no less worth investing time and work in. No matter what, the uniting theme is CONNECTION. Connection offers us: *love, accompaniment, and deep support *incredible relationships with our kids, parents, partners, and friends *unexpected bonds that seem to “come out of nowhere” *the ability to show up as anti-racism advocates, social justice warriors, and all-around great people that the world needs more of! *the freedom to CHOOSE how we live our lives: no matter what we decide, we will have love and joy around us! *serious empowerment: if we know we can connect wherever we go and whatever we do, what can stop us from doing… literally whatever we want?! Within a set of structures that enable disconnection and isolation, choosing to reclaim connection is a BEAUTIFUL and RADICAL act. It’s also an unquantifiable one—the rewards of rooting into our connective potential are close to limitless. I work 1-on-1 with clients who have been craving deeper connectedness and are ready to take the leap. You have two options: a 6-month or 12-month package, both composed of weekly coaching calls. EVEN if time is short and money is scarce—let’s talk :) The first call is ALWAYS on me! Book a call at the link below. I can’t wait to meet you.

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