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Sara's career as a teaching artist began in 2010 with a short story workshop for twelve-year-old girls at the Center for Working Children in Quito, Ecuador. By the end of the semester, the short stories had become a script, and the script had become a ninety-minute play both directed and performed by her students. Sara's responsibilities in the final weeks of preparation included securing a working boom box, inviting the hundreds of members of the school community, introducing the show, and then staying out of the way.

This, to Sara, is the essence of the work of a teaching artist. It is a hopscotch game of energy and empty space, instruction and silence.

Sara is a four-time visiting writer at Authoring Action, a youth spoken word organization in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is the founder and former coach of two slam poetry teams in Philadelphia---one out of YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School, a program for former high school drop-outs, and one out of ArtWell, an arts-based nonprofit dedicated to young people from underserved communities. She co-founded and directed the Poeticians, a Hip-Hop and spoken word collective based in Point Breeze, Philadelphia, and has taught creative writing workshops in public schools, after-school programs, community centers, homeschooling workshops, summer camps and elsewhere. She has developed extensive curriculum content for ages 13-18, and also has multiple years of experience working with middle schoolers as well as adults.

Sara holds an M.F.A. in Fiction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and is currently a lecturer in their English department. 

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